10 Most Richest Pastors in the World and their Net Worth

In this article I’ll discuss with you the world’s top 10 richest pastors and their net assets. There’s a quote that others are named but none are picked. They are thousands of pastors and men of God throughout the world but only a few have achieved great success and accumulated so much wealth in life. Some of those shepherds do possess private jets.

They succeeded in attracting a large congregation to their churches and built up great asset-generating income. Any of these shepherds control corporate planes, broad colleges and other conglomerates. Therefore I introduce to you the top 10 wealthiest pastors in the world, after a thorough analysis and review.

  • 10. Mathew Ashimolowo Net Worth $15 Million

Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo is a renowned Nigerian pastor, Christian journalist, instructor of the Bible and a public speaker. He was born in Nigeria on 17th March 1952. He’s 68, at the time. We can not talk about and leave him out of the world’s richest pastors. The selling of Christian literature and documentaries from his media business known as Mathew Ashimolowo Media create his fortune. According to Forbes news, his net worth is over $15 million and is the biggest explanation why he makes it to this list. Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo is very affluent and actually number 10, with an approximate net worth of $15 million, on our ranking of the world’s top ten wealthiest pastors by 2020.

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