5 Style Tips To Dress Like A Celebrity On A Low Budget

  • 2. Know Your Body Type

When you know your sort of body, the best way to make your clothes look like they were tailor-made for you. Women have four types of common bodies and these are:

Athletic / Rectangle
Pear / Triangle
Triangle / apple inversed
Glass of the hour

Not all clothing styles suit well with some of those styles of body. For example, a form of athletic body doesn’t have feminine curves. That said, it is easier to highlight your waist by showing off your chest. You should put on a trendy dress with a belt. Better still, pick a tube dress to show off your wide shoulders and match them with a sweet, girly top.

  • 3. Keep it Minimal

Unless you’re Lady Gaga, when you’re out and about, you should go for that bold and loud look. Only imagine she can only rock those dresses. Yet, then, what you should do is accept minimalism. Holding your sense of fashion simple will never go out of style and will be in vogue forever.

From hair, makeup, to accessories and shoes, keep it simple when you go for your normal tasks.

  • 4. Go wild at night outs with Makeup

One of the advantages of wanting to look like a celebrity is that with makeups we can go crazy. Of course you don’t have to keep everything subtle, especially if you’re out with friends for a long night.

Put on the best smoky eyes you can, pair it with a glamorous short and skimpy dress, and make outfits.

  • 5. Let your eyes pop

If you run short on time and want to put on makeup, making your eyes pop is the best way to still look like a celebrity even with very little makeup on.

Check out the eye makeup of Kim Kardashian, and get ideas from it. During the daytime, if you don’t want something very heavy, put on some mascara or fake ones, curl your lashes, apply some nude shadows and you’re good to go.

They say, your eyes are the keys to your soul and when you talk to them with your eyes, people can see your inner star.

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