Best Tips to Pass and Crack MAT Examination

Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is a standard aptitude test conducted in India since 1998 by the All India Management Association (AIMA). MAT is used for admission to Master of Business Administration (MBA) and allied programmes by over 600 business schools across India. It was approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in 2003.

Test takers can choose any one of the two options to take the test: Paper Based Test or Computer Based Test. The Paper Based Test is conducted on the first Sunday of February, May, September and December from 10.00-12.30 hours; whereas the Computer Based Test is conducted from Saturday onward (6 days after the Paper Based Test date) and in different time slots.

Top scorers get an advantage of choosing a post graduate college among the best colleges in India which is ultimately going to set their future straight.

The test is structured into five sections as under:-

  • Language Comprehension (40 Questions)
  • Mathematical Skills (40 Questions)
  • Data Analysis & Sufficiency (40 Questions)
  • Intelligence & Critical Reasoning (40 Questions)
  • Indian & Global Environment (40 Questions)

Management Aptitude Test (MAT) has grown leaps and bounds in recent years and has played a major role in moulding careers of several aspirants looking to get an admission in some top of the list MBA colleges.

The old school saying “preparation is the key” is the ultimate guide to crack MAT exam. Although, here are some important tips for you to consider:-

  • Planned Preparation

Proper planning is the first and the ultimate necessity in clearing any exam. Prepare for all the 5 sections according to a pre-specified plan and revise them thoroughly. Solve sample papers, time yourself and prepare for examination environment. Always keep yourself updated with the latest content of MAT.

Go through the detailed syllabus at the time of preparation and try not leave out any topic. You can join some crash courses for the preparation too. The competitive environment will help you boost up your speed for solving the questions and allow you even more practice hours. Solve as many numbers of sample questions for each subject.

The more you practice, more is your confidence level which will indeed help you in cracking the exam for sure. Make sure to prepare notes as they help in the revision process and it also helps you in recalling the things you’ve learnt in the past.

  • Time division

Time is the major factor in defining whether you can clear a MAT exam or not. Attend all the 4 sections of the exam according to the time division and start with the section you are most confident about.

After the allocated time period, you must move on to the next section. To attain a balanced score across all the sections, self control is very important. The hit and try method should be used only for a specific time on each section and attempting the balanced number of questions will help you a great deal in clearing the exam.

  • Accuracy and precision

If you are stuck on a question for quite a time, leave it and move to another question. You can solve that question after some time if the due time permits. So, to avoid losing marks over negative marking, do not answer the question if you are not so sure about it. Your tricks and shortcuts should be highly appropriate and precise in nature so as to leave any confusion behind.

  • Do not gamble

If you are given four choices for a question, use your guessing intelligently and deploy the Selection by elimination method. Take a few seconds to analyse your shortlisted options and choose the appropriate option.

Learn how to work backwards, i.e., plugging the most attractive option in the question and see if it makes sense. Randomly answering without any solid effort is going to do you no good. Do not cloud your judgement based upon the time left. Take it easy and everything will fall along the way.

  • Be confident and stress free

The major factor in cracking a MAT exam is confidence. You have to believe on the motto “I can do it”. You have to prepare yourself mentally too for the exam. Sleep well, eat well and engage yourself in some recreational activities.

Before the night of exam, solve some major sample questions and get a good 8 hour sleep. Be calm and confident in the exam centre and do not lose your optimism otherwise you will be vulnerable to silly mistakes. Confidence is the key to success, so have confidence on your abilities and be calm so as to ace the exam.

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