Canada Jobs Finding Tips

Finding a job in Canada can be tiring but with focus and motivation you can find the right one for yourself. It all reckons on your skills, educational background, and work experiences to get what you want.

Kindly read through this tips to know how you can find a job in Canada.



You will not always see all the job advertisements in Canada especially in the private companies. Don’t just sit relaxed waiting for jobs to come where you are. Networking is all about telling and not selling so talk to people about how they do it and whom they know. 75% of job opportunities is as a result of networking.

Seek For Help

Canadians love to help others, ask them for guidance. Be decisive. Make sure you send an  Email or a phone call would be better to the person who offered you the help.

Your Résumé Matters

Your résumé is the most important thing in finding a job in Canada.

If your résumé is not properly written it might impede you from making an impact. Your résumé should contain the following;

 Contact Information

• Main qualifications

• Summary of your career

• Work Experience

• Education and training history

• Volunteering(if you have taken part in one)

When writing your résumé,customise it and make sure it suits the job you are applying for. Make sure you don’t list your hobbies and interests unless it is applicable to the job. Your reference should not be included.

Get a Canadian style résumé for yourself.

Discover The Company’s Culture

Ask questions and observe to discover the company’s culture as every company has its own rules and procedures.

Confidence Is A Key

Moving to Canada to seek for a job is a challenge, but you have accomplished it because you have  arrived Canada. Another problem is finding a job where you have to start from the scratch to network which can be a little crafty but do you know what? You can still accomplish this.

Just believe in yourself, if you can accomplish the first challenge then you are going to accomplish this one too. And also make sure that others know that you have confidence.


LinkedIn is an advantage if you are finding a job in Canada. It is a social media tool which recruiters use to source candidates everyday. So get a LinkedIn account for yourself,set up your online résumé and network.

Know The Do’s  And Don’ts Of Working In Canada

Make sure you know the do’s and don’ts of working in Canada. The condition of working in Canada might be different from the one you know so you have to adapt. For example, in some parts of Africa when the honcho speaks no one says anything but in Canada everyone speaks equally.

Treat Everyone Equally In Canada

Most people neglect administrative assistants and only act respectful to executives which is a huge mistake.

In Canada male and female are treated equally.

You might have a female manager and a male manager, the both of them should be treated equally.

Learn About Canadian Small Talk

Small talk is light conversation with people around you. It is generally informal. In Canada, it usually starts with an exchange of “how-are-yous” (and of course each one answers back “good”).

Engaging in small talk is also a skill that is essential for socializing and building your professional and personal network.


Make sure you do your research well to know if your foreign qualification require additional accreditation. Professions like teaching, nursing usually require additional accreditation.

Remember you cannot do all these alone seek help where and when it is necessary.

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