Tips On How To Land A Job

In this article, we would be sharing tips on how to land a job.

Landing a job can be a difficult or disappointing experience ranging from having the right credentials and qualifications,having experience on that particular job to knowing someone within the confines of the organization.

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Kindly go through this piece and see what you are not doing and give a try.

Listed below are 10 tips on how to land a job;

1.Keep Applying For Other Jobs Even If You Are Waiting To Hear From An Employer.

Don’t just sit back and relax if you apply for a job. Most job seekers are rejected so many times by employers so keep applying till you land the right job for yourself.

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2.Don’t Apply For Any Kind Of Job You Find

Before you start searching for a job,know the kind of job you want. Don’t just apply for any job and make sure you are qualified for the one you are applying for because you might get a better chance of been selected for an interview.

3.Don’t Restrain Yourself To Online Applications

Don’t limit yourself to online applications when applying for a job, you would keep looking for a job and you might end up not getting one.

When you apply for a job online,try to meet people working at that your dream company to schedule informational interviews. Get to meet an internal recruiter in that company and ask questions.

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4.Have A LinkedIn Account 

LinkedIn is the social media tool for job search. Most recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary search tool.

If you are a job seeker  and you don’t have a LinkedIn then you haven’t started your job hunt yet.

Get a LinkedIn account for yourself.

5.Network In Your Job Hunting

Networking has helped many job seekers land a job either online or in person.

Tell your connections that you are looking for a job, you don’t know who might be of help.

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6.Your Resume Matters

Don’t include all your work experience on your resume,it is not going to impress anyone. Instead your resume should include achievements that are pertinent to the job you are applying for.

7.Be Real During The Interview

Say what you believe and don’t say what you think the interview wants to hear. Don’t fake your smile, don’t reply rehearsed answers as employers may be mislead. Just be real because employers want to know who they are hiring.

8.Don’t Forget To Send A Thank-You Note

A Thank-You note after interview does not guarantee that you would get the job but it will help  go a long way by making you stand out from other job seekers who do not care about this act of graciousness.

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9.Be Well Groomed

First impressions matters a lot.

Shave, style and put on attire that is suitable for the workplace.

10.Lastly, Don’t Give Up

You may have been rejected so many times by recruiters, but don’t give up. Success is sweet but the secret is sweat.

Keep searching, apply yourself fully. Success only comes to those who go it! You won’t get the job unless you fully apply yourself.


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