Easy Steps To Ask For A Raise

In this article, we would be discussing how to ask for a raise.

Some people wait for years to ask for a raise which they deserve as asking your manager for a raise is nerve-wracking.

Don’t be afraid to ask your boss for a raise that shows the hard work you do, he or she isn’t going to bite you.

Even if your manager knows that you are working hard, you still need to show why you deserve a raise.

These tips will guide on how to ask for a a raise;


Before you ask for a raise make sure you prepare no matter how close you are to your boss.

Your boss will want to confirm that you truly deserve the raise you are asking for and if you don’t prepare he or she (your boss) might not reply positively.

Always bear this in mind before asking for a raise;

Do you really deserve this raise?: Ask yourself questions and assess your skills,knowledge and value of the company.

Do you know your worth?: Do you actually know your worth? This question will help you understand and do your research if what you are asking is reasonable.



You know your worth already, you know you deserve the raise then you need to know when to ask for a raise.

Timing is everything in life.

It is important to pick the right time to ask for a raise even if it is waiting for months, you will be happy you did.

When is the right time to ask for a raise?

When Your Boss Is In A Good Mood: Before you ask for a raise make sure you read the mood of the room. You may not likely get the reply you want if your boss is provoked.

When Another Employer Offer You A Higher Salary: This is another time when you can ask for a raise. You are worthy employee and because of this other companies have communicated with you offering a higher pay.

This is the time to communicate with your boss,tell him or her (your boss) what is happening.

When talking to your boss be honest about your worth.

When You Complete Substantial Project: Another good time to ask for a raise is when you successfully complete an important project.

When Everyone Is Getting A Raise And You Are Not: If everyone else is getting a raise and you are not, you need to find out why it is like that.

Have a conversation with your boss to fix things. It might be because you are not meeting up your expectations but a conversation with your boss might change the situation.

Here are the DONT’S  when you want to ask for a raise:

Don’t Talk About Your Personal Life: 

Don’t talk about your personal life when asking for a raise as your boss don’t want to hear that. Make sure you keep everything professional.

Don’t Ask A Raise Through Email:

When asking for a raise it shouldn’t be done via e-mail. It is better to have a conversation with your boss in person as this will show that you are serious.



Send an email to your boss the next day appreciating them for their time not minding how the conversation went.

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