How To Handle A Toxic Workplace

Today, we would be discussing how to handle a toxic workplace.

Before we discuss how to handle a toxic workplace, we need to know what a toxic workplace is.

According to Wikipedia, A toxic workplace is a workplace that is marked by significant drama and infighting, where personal battles often harm productivity or impact the viability of the organization negatively.

A toxic workplace can affect your mental health and physical health which might make you want to find a new career opportunity but NO Edujobs360 has identified few tips to help cope in a toxic workplace.

Kindly read these tips and cope with your toxic workplace;


Be Professional

Control your reactions and responses when working in a toxic workplace no matter what. Make sure you don’t take anything personal at the office.

Though this might be difficult but it will protect you from Harrasment and at the same time bullying.


Do Not Revenge

Revenge may be detrimental to you or your target.

When frustrated at workplace,you might commit murder which might land you in jail or even death.

The best thing to do is just walk away.


Talk To The Offender But Calmly

When you come across an offensive behavior from your coworker or boss for the first time, walk up to them and tell them about their behaviour before it gets out of hands.

But remember when doing this do it calmly so they won’t have anything against you.

Document Everything

Both positive and negative interactions should be documented. This will help provide information whenever you want to file a complaint. When documenting, make sure your coworkers aren’t around you as this may make them feel bitter towards you.


Know Why You Are At Work

This is a tool of coping with a workplace.

You are working to achieve something, focus on your work and keep reminding yourself the reason you are there to work.


Talk To Your Boss About It

When you are working in a toxic workplace you cannot get your job done very well and every boss likes it when their employee is doing a great job.

Try to talk to your boss about what you are going through at the workplace. It’s your boss duty to make sure that the workplace is friendly and with this you can do a great job.


Are You The Problem?

This is hard to know, but ask yourself this question.

You might be the toxin at the workplace. A nice way to know this is by asking your manager or your trusted coworker to tell you where you are getting it wrong and also provide possible solution.


Avoid Coworkers Who Creates Conflicts

If you notice coworkers who stir up conflict, stay away  from them as their conflicts causes stress and can make the workplace toxic. Don’t just avoid coworkers who creates conflicts but gently reduce your contact with them.


Help Yourself

Working in a toxic workplace causes a lot of stress but you can help yourself by practicing healthy coping techniques.

Healthy coping techniques like exercise, reading will help distance yourself from a toxic workplace. In fact taking your shower or bath is also nice as it will help wash off the stress of the day.

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