How to Get your Ex Back – Best Tips

My boyfriend once break my heart and told me to find another lover that is over between us and I love him so much that I never wanted to leave him for another woman.

I was like asking thinking of taking my life and after a week I went back and begged him for forgiveness despite the fact that i wasn’t at fault. He refused to listen to me and chased me away but I still don’t let him go because of the love I have for him.

I pick my phone and call his mother because her mother was aware that am dating her son. I told her everything that is going on in our relationship according to how it happened and ask her to talk with her son that I can’t let him go because all my heart and soul I have given it to him.

After a day his mother called him and asked what was going on that I called asking for forgiveness. His mother begged him too and told him that if he didn’t go back to me let him not come back home with any other girl. Then, after some weeks he called me and asked me to come that we had to talk.

I asked myself if  it was true or false, then I did as he said and visited him at his house. He then told me that it was his friend who encouraged him to cut the relationship since we have dated for about 3 years. He apologized to me and confessed how much he loves me.

From my experience, always try and be in an open relationship. So when your partner is acting as if he/she don’t need you don’t let him/her go without you actually knowing the reason for the break up.

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