Everything you Need to know about Working Holiday Visa in Canada

The Working and Holiday Visa is always one of the most coveted visas in countries like Canada . Why? Because it offers you the possibility to work and study during your stay in Canada.  It may become one of the funniest years of your life, so today we will give you all the information you need to start planning your stay in Canada with the Working Holiday Visa in 2020.

And don’t hesitate to write to us whenever you need it. If you still do not get along very well with English and would like to study with this visa, send us a sign and we will accompany you throughout the whole process. That easy!

What is the Work and Holiday Visa?

The Working and Holiday Visa is a visa offered by the Canadian government to international youth to stay in the country for a year , although there is the possibility of extending your stay through another mobility program.

The main advantage of the Work and Holiday Visa is that, if you want to go to Canada to study a language course , you can work without problems.

If you prefer to travel with the Student Visa , remember that to work legally in the country, as a student, you will have to enroll in higher education courses , which in turn requires a fairly high level of English or French.

The best of Working and Holiday Visa for Canada

  • It allows you to study and work during your stay in the country . You can study any course of up to six months. This visa is compatible with language courses. If you want to work and improve a language , this is your visa!
  • You can work full time, if you wish . Other visas, limit the hours you can legally work within the country, this one does not!
  • One year permit to remain in Canada . They will grant you twelve months of stay where you can leave and enter the country when you need it. In addition, depending on your nationality you can apply for another type of visa that is included in the International Experience Canada .


Visa and nationality limit for Working and Holiday for Canada in 2020

As we have already mentioned, the number of Working and Holiday Visas that the Canadian government is delivering is limited. In addition, the only possibility to obtain the Work and Holiday in Canada is to apply for a visa and wait for the invitation to arrive if you have been chosen in the raffle .

If you have a nationality or passport from one of these countries and want to study and work in Canada, we recommend that you begin the procedures as soon as possible , since the available visas are running out and there is a great demand.

If you have any questions, you can check it on the official website of the Canadian government . You will only have to enter your nationality and the type of visa you would like to apply for.

Requirements to qualify for a Working and Holiday Visa for Canada in 2020

  • At the time of visa processing you must be between 18 and 35 years old , both inclusive.
  • Not having dependents in your charge . You cannot have children in your care during your stay in the country. Nor can you opt for a couple visa.
  • Valid passport . Not only do you need your passport to be valid upon arrival in Canada . To save paperwork and travel we recommend that, if your passport has a few months to live, you renew it just before you start your trip. Moving to an embassy in your country or having to obtain another type of visa are situations that you can save if you travel with your passport fresh from the oven.
  • Justify sufficient economic funds. In the case of this visa, you will be asked to justify a minimum of 2,500 Canadian dollars through a bank statement . In addition, you must also show that you have the money to buy a plane ticket back to your country when your permit expires.
  • Medical insurance . It is an indispensable requirement to obtain the visa. Upon your entry into the country you will be asked for documentation that proves that you have contracted this insurance. You must take out private medical insurance that covers your entire stay in the country. Normally, there are several rates and depending on them you will have more or less covered services. Look carefully at what services the insurance you choose includes.
  • Curriculum vitae. You must have a curriculum in English or French and in Canadian format, that is, without photography, nationality, age, etc.
  • Digital photography. You will need a color and 45mm x 35mm photo to apply for a visa.
  • Family Information In the application process you will have to complete a question form about your family.
  • Criminal record.  No worries! We already know that you do not have a criminal record but it is a requirement that you will be asked if you have lived more than 6 months in another country. If for example you have been living in Australia, you must fill out this online application .
  • Biometric  They are the taking of fingerprints and the photograph of it. It can only be done at the offices designated by Immigration .
  • Pay the visa. Remember that this visa costs $ 250 CAD and $ 85 CAD for biometrics.

Step by Step Guide

  1. First of all you must make sure that you can apply for the Visa to be able to venture into Canada. When you enter the link, you must click on “check your  eligibility”  and they will ask you a series of questions about your intentions in Canada and your country of residence. It is important that you put “Spain” even if you are living in another country.
  2. Open a profile on the visa application page . To do this, you must accept the conditions and create a username and password for your profile.
  3. Create the account  Once you have created a profile with a username and password, you must enter your personal data, choose 4 security questions to access the account and accept all the terms that will appear during the process.
  4. And ready! You will receive a confirmation email and your ‘ MyCIC ‘ account will be updated . Now you just have to wait and once the confirmation is received you will have 10 days to reject it or accept it .

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