New Zealand Tour – All Requirements

New Zealand is a great destination whether you want to spend a few weeks on vacation or if your plan is to stay a few months to improve English. Volcanoes, exuberant nature and wonderful people is what awaits you in Maori territory if you dare to make the leap.

If you are already clear that your next stop will be in New Zealand, today we want to offer you the main recommendations, things you should keep in mind and information of interest for your trip to Kiwi lands.


There goes everything you need to consider to travel to New Zealand ! Take note!


The Visa in New Zealand

Unlike Australia, to enter New Zealand it is not always mandatory to obtain a visa.

Depending on your passport you will have to obtain a proper visa or an NZeTA . Check if your country is in the list of nationalities that can qualify for this permit.

As of last October, the New Zealand government launched the NZeTA to facilitate obtaining authorization to visit the country for tourism and transit purposes . The new online process is valid for 2 years and allows multiple entries to New Zealand.

This authorization can be easily obtained on this website by following 3 simple steps.

The NZeTA for New Zealand gives the holder the possibility of making multiple entries to the country during its validity of 2 years. NZeTA holders can generally remain in the country for stays of up to 90 days from their date of arrival in New Zealand.


Remember that your passport must be valid for at least three months before leaving or entering the country.

In addition to requesting and paying for the NZeTA, some of the travelers will also have to pay a fee that will be the way in which travelers contribute to the maintenance costs of tourist infrastructure and the protection of the environment they will enjoy during their trip. We talked about the IVL rate (Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy).



For any visa you are going to apply for, you will be asked to justify financial solvency. We recommend that you collect at least 1,000 New Zealand dollars for each month of your stay that you want to be in the country without a source of income. Obviously, if your visa allows you to work you will not need to go with so much money saved, but it is better to go with some economic reserves.

The most common visas, such as student or working holiday visa will allow you to work, so you will not have trouble filling the piggy bank fast.


The passport

It may seem obvious that the passport is an essential document for any long-distance trip. Indeed! It is! What can happen much more unnoticed is to check the expiration date of the latter. Keep this detail in mind! In many countries you can even be denied entry if it is less than 6 months old!


Our recommendation is that you renew it just before starting the trip . In this way, you can enjoy your stay without paying the least attention to the bureaucratic procedures of the renovation.

The course

If you choose to go to New Zealand with a student visa – one of the most common options among our students – you will do so thanks to a course. There are a thousand and one courses to choose from, but don’t worry, if you tell us your preferences, we will find the best course for you. (Send us a signal button)

If your intention is to learn or improve your English in New Zealand, you have many options to choose from: general English, academic English or the preparation of official exams are some of the options available.


If you already have English rather than mastered , there is the possibility of doing other courses: professional training, masters or postgraduate courses are alternatives that you can consider. The variety of fields of study is endless, so the best thing you can do is ask. We listen to you!


Health insurance

One of the main things to consider when planning and formalizing your trip is the hiring of medical insurance. You should know that it is an indispensable requirement for you to be granted a visa.

Another important fact is that your health insurance coverage should last as long as you remain in the country.

We know that it is a tostón to have to compare prices and benefits, so do not worry too much about this type of paperwork, we will do the heaviest work for you!


If you need any other recommendation or we have not skipped any advice that you consider important, we will listen to you! Send us an email and tell us what you need to know to start your life in New Zealand on the right foot.

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