Best Guide on how to Apply for a Tourist Visa

A visa is a conditional authorization granted by a territory to a foreigner, allowing them to enter, remain within, or to leave that territory. A touristvisa is a document that allows a limited period of leisure travel within a country, but no business activity.

Today we will walk you through the steps you need for a successful tourist visa application. Get yourself a drink as we delve into the main deal!

Self-processing of a tourist visa does not take much time. First you need to go to the official website of the consulate of the country to which the traveler is going to go and find a list of necessary documents.

As a rule, it includes:

  • Foreign and national passports,
  • Photos 3 × 4 cm (although there are different options),
  • Application form completed in accordance with the rules of the consulate,
  • Certificate of employment
  • Bank statement or other documents confirming solvency,
  • Medical insurance,
  • Round-trip tickets, as well as confirmation of hotel reservation.

Important! The list is incomplete and may vary depending on the requirements of the consulate of the selected country. In addition, the rules for processing documents and filling out the questionnaire may vary.

Having collected a full package of documents and certificates, the tourist needs to make an appointment at the consulate, come to the representative office on the appointed day and time, submit an application, transfer papers and pay fees.

After – it remains only to wait for a decision.

If a visa is refused, you can try to collect documents to visit another country or apply again. If the consulate’s decision is positive, you will need to come to the representative office and get the coveted sticker in your passport.

How much does a tourist visa cost?

When applying for a tourist visa, you must attach a check on the payment of the consular fee. The cost is calculated individually, depending on the type of visa, the selected country and its validity. For example, in 2019, the consular fee for obtaining permission to enter the Schengen countries is 35 euros.

Some states may charge an additional fee for urgency. So, in Spain, obtaining a visa ahead of schedule will cost 55 euros. In the Czech Republic – 70 euros. Applying to visa centers and applying for a visa through a travel agency will raise its cost. The final price depends on the price list of intermediaries.

Validity of a tourist visa

Special attention should be paid to the terms for which a tourist visa is issued. The consulate independently determines the period of the traveler’s stay in the territory of a foreign state.

Much depends on the solvency of the person who submitted the application, as well as on the country where the traveler goes.

The validity period of a Schengen visa is calculated individually. A traveler visiting Europe for the first time can count on a short stay: from a week to 30 days. The more often a tourist is in the EU countries, the higher the probability of getting a multi visa for 5 years.

There are standard terms:

  • For one trip;
  • For half a year;
  • For a year;
  • For 2 years;
  • For 3 years;
  • For 5 years.

True, a visa for 5 years is not given too often.

Individual consulates issue permission to enter only for 15 days, regardless of how often the tourist traveled outside the state and how much money is in his account. This approach is practiced in Austria.

Validity of a visa to Japan depends on its purpose. A single entry is issued for 3 months, while you can stay in the country for up to 15 days. The first US visa is usually issued for a period of 1 year.

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