Tourist Visa – Challenges of Applying

Every year the number of tourists traveling abroad is growing. In 2018, Russia ranked ninth in the number of travelers visiting other countries. According to customs, over the past year, Russians left their homeland more than 44 million times. In order to freely be in the territory of another country and not be afraid of deportation, you must apply for an entry permit called a tourist visa.

What is a tourist visa?

A tourist visa is a document giving the right to enter and freely move through the territory of a foreign state.

However, there are a number of features.

Firstly, the holder of a tourist visa can stay in the territory of another state for a certain period. As a rule, it does not exceed 90 days in a row. Consulates resolve this issue individually. Some tourists are allowed to stay in a foreign country for only 15 days, others are given a month of continuous stay, and others – from 60 or more.

Secondly, having a tourist visa, you can’t go to study or find a job. This will require a special student or work visa.

Thirdly, tourist visas are multiple. That is, the holder of an entry permit can visit one country several times. For example, having received a tourist visa for a period of one year, you can fly into the country and relax at local resorts two, three or more times. Restrictions on stay are considered individually at consulates.

Fourthly, getting a tourist visa is much easier than any other.

Where to get a tourist visa

You can apply for a tourist visa either independently or through special agencies or a travel agency. When buying a package tour, usually, visa services are included. Managers will fill out the necessary forms and send inquiries to the appropriate authorities. At the same time, you will have to fill out the application form and collect the package of documents yourself. The main minus is that the cost of the tour can increase significantly due to payment for intermediary services.

Important! Not all travel agencies deal with visas. Before buying a package proposal, you should clarify this question with a personal manager.

The second way is to contact the visa center. It can be found in almost any city. However, the services are not free and their price can be several times higher than the cost of the visa itself. At the same time, documents will have to be collected independently. In visa centers apply in two cases:

  • There is no consulate of the necessary country in the city.
  • Embassies work only with visa centers and self-submission of documents is not possible.

The third way is to get a visa yourself. A package of documents is provided at the consulate or official representative. After some time, the employees of the authorized institution will issue a conclusion: to issue a visa or refuse.

In recent years, electronic tourist visas have gained popularity . They differ from the usual ones in that the package of documents can be submitted independently via the Internet.

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