Top 10 Most Richest Kids in Nigeria And their Net Worth

Through this video I’ll share with you Nigeria’s top ten richest children through 2020 and their net worth. Lots of kids dream of being famous. Like many dream of becoming billionaires in their future, some children are already born with amazing talent which makes them wealthy and famous. The children of these Nigerian celebrities are very talented and became very famous because of their crafts and performances.

Every child who can dance, sing, perform on stage, entertain others, draw or do other stunning things that attract millions of eyes deserves to be loved, noticed and honored.

So I present to you the top ten richest children in Nigeria in 2020 and their net worth, after a careful study and research.

  • 10. Marylove Edward

Marylove Edward is one of Nigeria ‘s youngest celebrity tennis players, and ranked among Africa ‘s best. She began playing tennis at the age of 4, and has won so many tournaments and competitions since then. Marylove Edward plays tennis and is doing well.

She was born in 2005, and is now 15. She is also active in prestigious tournois. She ranked number 4 on the Nigeria Tennis Federation’s women singles list in 2017. Marylove Edward inspires others, wins many trophies and deserves her absolute place on our list. She has a net worth estimated to be N15 million.

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