Top 20 richest Nollywood Actresses in 2020 and their Net Worth

Operating in an industry that makes billions of US dollars annually comes with a huge payback and prestige in terms of wage packages. In terms of their financial checks, some Nollywood actresses are luckier than others but who is the richest?

Richest Nigerian actresses in the year 2020 Our list of the richest Nollywood female stars uses online public data provided by different outlets. Many who are not avid fans of the stunning actresses can also get to know them and some of their best movies.

These gorgeous and talented celebrities also have a lot of social media followers. Some of these celebrities have increased their net worth while others have seen a considerable fall.

Enjoy our list of Nigeria ‘s top 20 richest actresses by 2020, which also features Nollywood queens who placed top in the rich list for 2019.

  • 20. Ngozi Ezeonu

Back in 1995, the veteran Nollywood began her acting career where she starred in Living in Slavery.

Ngozi Ezeonu is also well known for playing a mother’s role in films. The net worth is valued at around $650,000.

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