Top 20 richest Nollywood Actresses in 2020 and their Net Worth

  • 19. Patience Ozokwor

Patience Ozokwor is one of the renowned African actresses sharing a remarkable and inspiring journey through the film industry.

Ozokwor sought a teaching career but she changed her mind and quit teaching after recognizing her acting talent.

Ozokwor is renowned in Nollywood movies for playing wicked, evil roles. Mom G has also worked with well-known brands, as most of her fans call her, earning additional income on top of her salary.

She has a net worth estimated at around N300 million.

  • 18. Mary Remmy Njoku

Mary Remmy Njoku has grown over the years and they have substantial investments together with her husband, Jason Njoku. Jason is iROKO ‘s Chairman, and author.

Now the beautiful actress is the CEO of ROK Studios, a Lagos based film production company. The net worth is valued at N380 million.

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